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Attention to detail is key.

Embroidery involves sewing thread onto a material such as cloth, felt, leather, or plastic to make designs. We offer embroidery services on a wide variety of products including clothing, home decor items, accessories, and much more. Our team of professional designers and embroiderers can help you create custom embroidered logos, slogans, and graphics for your business.

We offer specialty services such as puff 3D embroidering and custom designed emblems, which can even enhance a screen print design, and you can also utilize our optional design service to ensure the finished product meets your requirements and is as visually appealing and attractive as possible.

The beauty about embroidery is that no matter how many colors you choose, the price remains the same. So if you’re designing something with lots of colors, it’s an economical choice. To determine the price for your custom embroidery, we take into account the stitch count, which tells us how much time it takes to complete your custom embroidered apparel, and then we multiply that by the number of stitches you’ve chosen. A lower stitch count equals a lower price, regardless of the number colors you select.


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